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Why Cleaning Your Doors Is Important

Doors are the most frequently touched items. Whenever someone wants to enter or exit a building, they have to open and close the doors. It is very obvious that the doors will get dirty. If they are dark in color, they will not appear dirty, but the dirt will be there. Doors knobs are prone to accumulating tons of dangerous viruses and bacteria. To avoid this, it is essential that doors are cleaned frequently.

Door cleaning is not a very complicated task. It does not require much effort. You can clean the doors of your home by yourself and if it's an office, you can leave this task to professional cleaners or janitorial service firms. Cleaning office doors is a part a typical janitorial firm’s services.

Here are some tips that will help you with your door cleaning initiative:

  • Wash the doors with mild soap and water, rinse with clear water afterwards.
  • Use mild liquid cleanser for the scuff marks on painted finishes.
  • If the finish has been scratched or chipped by accident, use the same method for cleaning as mentioned above.
  • Please use the touch-up paint provided by the manufacturer or use a standard wood finish repair crayon.
  • Clean the glass portions with window cleaner and vinegar.
  • Polish the hardware of the door with either furniture wax or nonabrasive polish.
  • Use a disinfectant or an antibacterial spray to clean as it kills the germs completely.

If you are cleaning your door for the very first time, take your time to finish the job. If you don't know much about door cleaning, ask for professional help to keep your doors hygienic and attractive.

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