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5 Ways to Know If You Have the Best Janitorial Service

June 6, 2017

You are receiving frequent complaints about the state of the cleanliness of your office and you're stuck on deciding whether to replace your janitorial service or not!

Well, complaints regarding a service are usually raised by clients. However, as an employer you will need to verify them and in order to do that, you will have to determine if your commercial cleaning contractor is coming up short on keeping the office clean and tidy, or if it’s because of the office staffs themselves.

5 things that you can do to ensure the effectiveness of your janitorial service provider are listed below:

  • Check If You are Receiving the Follow up Calls or Visits: A good cleaning service will keep following up with you to ensure your needs and expectations are being met. If they aren't following up, it shows their lack of commitment to customer service. In that case, you can go one step further and call them about the ineffectiveness of their cleaning service and lack of follow-ups. If their response is not satisfactory, it's time to replace them for good.
  • Review the Contract you Signed With The Vendor: Based on the contract you signed prior to hiring your office cleaning service, the staff should always be prepared with supplies and equipment needed to complete the job you outlined for them. If they come to the office unprepared, they will surely be unable to do the job required. Furthermore, check if they are performing inspections and audits, as mentioned in the contract, to monitor the quality of service being provided. If you find that you don’t receive reports from your office cleaning company, bring this issue up with them and ensure that they perform regular inspections.
  • Check If the Staffs are Helping in Keeping Things Tidy: Sometimes the untidiness and uncleanliness is the result of the staff's bad behavior. No matter how effectively and how many times the office cleaning service does their job, if the employees aren’t acting responsible for the cleanliness of the place, it would become very difficult for the janitorial service to provide the best result. In this case, you can ask the staff to ensure a clean environment in the workplace and then you can review the areas where you can get more from your cleaning service.
  • Conduct a Study on the Productivity Due to Office Cleaning Services: Office cleaning services promise the care of a partner to your business, in the sense that their cleaning efforts keep the office environment clean and tidy thereby building a workplace environment that ensures high productivity. To know how effective they really were, you should conduct a study dating from their hiring and analyze how productive they have proven to you. This is a simple task, and it won't take long. Get your facility in charge doing this.

These are the 5 ways to ensure the effectiveness of your office cleaning.

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