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Did You Know You Can Clean With These?

December 24, 2012

Running out of cleaning supplies in the middle of your big cleaning day? Or do you need a quick fix for that squeaky hinge? Sometimes you simply don't want to face the chemicals in that grocery store cleaner under the sink. There are many common home products found in the cupboard or pantry that can solve a variety of home cleaning conundrums.

Cooking Spray

The cooking spray that you use to coat your egg pans is actually a very versatile product. Not only does it cook; it cleans, too. Hate those soap scum rings on the bathtub and the hours of scrubbing harsh chemicals? Spray the cooking oil onto the sides of the tub and let it sit. After five minutes, take a rag and wipe it away, along with the soap scum. Cooking spray is also good for silencing that annoying hinge with a squirt or two or use it speed up the cleaning job on your cheese grater. Just remember to spray on before shredding cheese.


Ketchup is another common product often used on hamburgers and meatloaf, but it is also great for keeping copper and silver at their shiniest. Squeeze some ketchup onto a pan or spoon and rub until it glows. Rinse with warm water and dry.

Candle Wax

Candle wax is one of the most difficult things to clean up. If you are tired of drippy candlesticks, try this tip. Chip off the easy to remove wax with your fingers or rubber spatula. Then, using a rag liberally applied with glycerin, rub until the wax is gone.


Deodorant marks can appear on dark colors too easily, and you never notice them until you are dressed. Grab some foam rubber protectors found on dry cleaning hangers and rub at the stain until it disappears.

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