Momentum Janitorial

About Momentum Janitorial

At Momentum Janitorial we offer over 25 years of experience in commercial office cleaning. Our services include green cleaning, complete office clean up and day porter services. We are strategically located throughout Orange County. We strictly adhere to the cleaning standards set by the USGBC and ISSA and we have formed a partnership in sustainability with Diversey and Waxie Sanitary Supply to promote healthier workplaces.

It is our singular focus to be recognized by you, the customer, as the number one provider of commercial janitorial services in Southern California. This goal will be achieved by accountability from our President, your account manager, through to the cleaning staff assigned to your facility. We pledge to always offer a professional and courteous service and to never compromise the quality of cleaning offered, the health and safety of your workplace, and to always respect the natural environment.

Our commercial office cleaning system goes beyond traditional janitorial cleaning where the focus is only on the appearance of your facility. Technological advances in cleaning chemicals and equipment now allow us to provide safer, more effective cleaning systems at similar prices.

At Momentum Janitorial we clean to improve your tenant's health, environment, and overall facility appearance. The final result is your building will look great and be a healthier workplace for your employees and guests while collectively minimizing our impact on the environment.


Serving Businesses Throughout All Orange County Communities

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