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We find there are differences in needs across our large client base, so we are ready to serve you no matter your situation. We can customize our office cleaning services to fit your specific needs and your budget. Our superior training, staff selection, and supervision will make the difference for your office too!

We are a trusted commercial janitorial service in Orange County. Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of our complete office cleaning package that can be easily customized according to your office cleaning requirements.


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Our Complete Office Cleaning Package*

Per Visit

Per-Visit Duties

Front Entrance, Waiting Area, & Reception Areas

Executive Office Suites, General Office & All Workstations

  • Empty wastebaskets, recycle bins & change liners as required.
  • Dust, clean, & disinfect desktops, chairs, and other office furniture, removing fingerprints, smudges, and ink stains (papers and folders on desks will not be moved. Computer terminals, keyboards, etc., will not be touched).
  • Dust and clean all filing cabinets and clean counters.
  • Vacuum all carpet thoroughly.
  • Sweep/vacuum all hard surface floors.
  • Damp-mop all hard surface floors.
  • Spot clean all partition glass removing fingerprints and smudges.
  • Return all furniture to a neat and orderly position.
  • Ensure carpeted areas remain stain-free from coffee, ink, gum, dirt, etc.

Office Kitchen Areas

  • Empty wastebaskets, recycle bins, organics, and replace liners as required.
  • Clean & disinfect counter, cabinets, handles, sinks, coffee machines, walls, backsplash, trash lids, chairs, etc.
  • Clean outside of dishwashers and water coolers.
  • Clean inside and outside of microwaves.
  • Clean inside and outside of refrigerators.
  • Sweep and damp mop hard surface floors.
  • Return all furniture to a neat and orderly position.
  • Recycle old newspapers and organize the magazine area.

Boardrooms/Conference Rooms

  • Empty wastebaskets, recycle bins and replace liners as required.
  • Dust and clean all furniture, tables, filing cabinets, and chairs.
  • Return all furniture to a neat and orderly position.
  • Vacuum all carpet thoroughly.
  • Ensure carpeted areas remain stain-free from coffee, ink, gum, dirt, etc.


  • Clean and disinfect all sinks, fixtures, counters, and door handles.
  • Scrub toilet bowls and urinals with bowl brush and flush.
  • Wipe down toilet seats and leave up when finished (men’s only).
  • Clean all walls, backsplashes, light switches, push plates, kick plates, partitions, door handles, and any other hardware installed.
  • Clean all mirrors and stainless steel.
  • Clean, disinfect, and refill all soap, paper towels, tissues, sanitary napkins, and seat cover dispensers.
  • Remove trash and replace liners as required.
  • Sweep and wet mop floors.
  • Ensure all lighting, fixtures, and hardware work properly. If not, report it.

Weekly Duties

  • Wash front windows up to 5ft and 5ft each side.
  • Dust all window ledges and wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Perform low dusting with specifically treated cloths, to include baseboards, ledges, and sills.
  • Perform high dusting in all areas, including tops of doors, partitions, and high ledges.
  • Dust all plants, wipe down telephones with germicidal solution.
  • Dust wall fixtures and frames.
  • Dust under chairs and desks.
  • Spot clean all wall switches, doors, doorframes, painted walls (up to 5 feet), and painted partitions including toilet compartment partitions.

Monthly Duties

  • Brush or vacuum all wall vents and upholstered furniture.
  • Thoroughly scrub washroom floors in front of urinal stalls and behind toilets seats.
  • A complete and thorough dusting to include all workstations (to be arranged with the client beforehand).

Quarterly Duties

To learn more about the list of services included in our complete office cleaning package or for details of a customized cleaning package that meets all your office cleaning needs, fill out the form below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included in Office Cleaning?

Tasks performed during office cleaning can be based on how frequently the cleaning is scheduled. Our per-visit office cleaning duties include wiping down, sanitizing, disposing of trash, vacuuming, and dusting areas found all throughout the office including the front entrance, office suites, desks, kitchens, conference rooms, and restrooms.
Our weekly cleaning includes dusting, sanitizing, vacuuming, and washing all the lower profile areas such as doorframes, windows, window ledges, etc.
Monthly cleaning includes a more thorough cleaning of floors, and bathrooms, complete dustings, and vacuuming and sanitizing all furniture.
Lastly, our quarterly cleaning includes the final scrubbing of floors, bathrooms, windows, and more.

What Is a Commercial Cleaner Called?

A commercial cleaner can be called multiple things such as a commercial janitorial cleaner.

How Do Professionals’ Clean Offices?

Many professionals have different routes they take when approaching an office cleaning; however, Momentum Janitorial writes and organizes a commercial cleaning office package specifically to your office and your unique needs!

How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned?

An average office should be professionally deep cleaned at least twice a year; however, it is recommended that highly trafficked areas are sanitized and cleaned 2-3 a week or daily.

How Often Should Your Office Building Get a Deep Clean?

An average office should be professionally deep cleaned at least twice a year.

Deep cleaning an office is extremely important not only for the health of your employees and customers, but a dirty office can be detrimental to productivity as well. A typical office desk can be home to over 10 million bacteria, 400 times more than bacteria found on the seat of a toilet.

Professional commercial office cleaning is an essential service that not only keeps your office areas looking clean and professional, but also provides a safe and healthy environment for your employees and office visitors.

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