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Cleaning Doesn't Have to Be a Dirty Word

Sure, it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Why not you? Think about it, how many industries offer you the opportunity to be your own boss. That's what starting a cleaning business does. Just grab a mop and bucket and fill it with entrepreneurial spirit and a little elbow grease and you are on your way.

At first you might look around and wonder how you got yourself into such a mess. That's why it is important to remember that, while the rest of the business world might require high technology, being successful in the cleaning industry doesn't take a lot of glitz or green to get started.

You will need to focus on two markets -- consumer or commercial, or both. If you choose to concentrate on consumers, think of maid service on a less than frequent basis. You can be expected to clean carpets or floors, polish floors and maybe even powerwash outside areas.

As a commercial provider, think of janitorial services on a structured schedule, dusting, vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms.The important thing is to find your niche.

One often overlooked benefit of starting a cleaning business is that these functions can usually be performed either full- or part-time. This means you can choose to operate in a manner that fits your style. You can go big, or stick to a limited clientele.

You can also choose to go at it alone or commit to a franchise agreement. A franchise allows you to take advantage of marketing support from the parent company, but you must also adhere to guidelines that you may not like.

If implemented correctly and with enthusiasm, cleaning does not have to be a dirty word. Instead, starting a cleaning business can be highly profitable and provide you with a lifetime of income.