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Carpet Care

Our Carpet Care service includes:

  • Steam Cleaning — the process of steam cleaning includes the injection of a hot cleaning solution under pressure while extracting at the same time.
  • Dry Foam Shampoo — low amount of liquid used usually a 10% liquid to 90% air. It uses special equipment that whips up the shampoo liquid into foam before it is applied to the carpet.
  • Rotary Extraction — a newer way of extracting soil using a rotary machine.

We offer only the best professional carpet cleaning methods for commercial carpet cleaning. Our Carpet Care service is dedicated to the use of only the safest and most effective products. It is worth noting that virtually every carpet manufacturer recommends that their carpets be professionally cleaned every 12/24 months and some are now making it a compulsory condition of their wear warranties. High traffic areas often need cleaning much more frequently. Let Momentum Janitorial prolong the life of your building’s carpet with our professional Carpet Care service.

While we don’t provide individual cleaning services, all these services are integrated into our ‘Commercial Cleaning Service’ package.