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Is Electrostatic Disinfection Right for Your Facility?

This years’ pandemic events have created the need for effective and safe disinfection and sanitation methods more urgent than ever before. Surface cleaning with wipes and manual sprays have been proven to be an unreliable method for disinfection because hard to reach surfaces are not able to be cleaned properly. Electrostatic spraying, developed and patented in the late 1940s, has long been known for its ability to effectively disinfect large and inconspicuous areas with ease. With the recent pandemic, there has been a boom in demand for Electrostatic Spraying, but is it right for your facility?

What Is Electrostatic Spraying?

Electrostatic spraying, or electrostatic disinfecting, is a type of surface cleaning that consists of spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Electrostatic spraying uses a solution (i.e., cleaner, sanitizer, and/or disinfectant) that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. The resulting spray contains positively charged particles that adhere to surfaces and objects. Because the particles in the spray are positively charged, they cling to and coat any surface, thoroughly disinfecting the areas services.

How Does Electrostatic Spraying Work?

Electrostatic spray is electrically charged, allowing cleaners, sanitizers, mold preventatives and disinfectants to distribute evenly to coat all types of surfaces for a more comprehensive clean. As the spray is emitted by the electrostatic sprayer, it is given a positive electrical charge. The positively charged mist then becomes attracted to all negative surfaces, covering the visible area, underside, backside, and other inconspicuous areas with the sanitizing agent. Surfaces that are already covered with the positively charged mist will repel additional spray. The result is a uniform coverage of disinfectant on sprayed objects, including hard-to-reach areas that manual cleaning can miss.

Is Electrostatic Disinfection Safe?

Electrostatic spraying is a powerful disinfecting method that has a low chemical exposure, making is safe for humans, the environment, as well as even the most sensitive electronic equipment. Because the electrostatic mist that is distributed is so fine, it dries quickly, and no wiping is required after spraying.

How Long Does Electrostatic Spraying Last?

Electrostatic spraying, or electrostatic disinfection, disinfects, or kills, unwanted pathogens from targeted surface areas, but does not create a protective barrier. It will not protect those surfaces from becoming infected again.

Institutions that are introduced to new, potentially harmful pathogens on a daily basis, like medical facilities, schools and gyms, may require electrostatic disinfection on a more frequent basis.

What Facilities and Surfaces Are Best Suited for Electrostatic Spraying?

Electrostatic Spraying is a safe and effective option to disinfect and sanitize surfaces like desktops, floors, and walls, as well as equipment and hard to reach places.

Electrostatic spraying covers large areas in minutes, making these services suitable for facilities like hospitals, medical centers, office waiting rooms, corporate office facilities, schools, stadiums, public restrooms, cafeterias, commercial kitchens and car dealerships.

Electrostatic spraying from Momentum Janitorial can be tailored to meet facilities’ needs. Some facilities choose to use electrostatic sprayers as a substitute for manual cleaning and disinfecting methods like wipes and manual disinfectant sprays. Others use the technology as an additional step to their standard cleaning methods to ensure comprehensive surface sanitation.

Who is Momentum Janitorial?

At Momentum Janitorial we offer over 25 years of experience in commercial office cleaning. Our services include green cleaningcarpet carefloor carewindow cleaning, and complete office clean upWe are strategically located throughout Orange County. We strictly adhere to the cleaning standards set by the USGBC and ISSA and we have formed a partnership in sustainability with Diversey and Waxie Sanitary Supply to promote healthier workplaces.