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10 Interesting Yet Little Known Facts Related to Cleaning

August 27, 2017

You must have already gone through several interesting blogs and articles on various cleaning issues and ideas in the past. All those interesting reads must have helped you in building a clearer concept about cleaning and its essentials. Also, it's assumable if your brain has raised some doubts and queries as well during the process.

To help resolve all your doubts and queries, we've come up with these 10 interesting facts related to cleaning that will help you attain a greater conceptual clarity about cleaning as well as help in making informed decisions while looking for the solutions to your cleaning requirements.

Here is the list of 10 interesting yet little-known facts related to cleaning:

  1. Cleaning Burns Calories: This can be quite a motivating piece of information for people who enjoy cleaning. Being a physical activity, cleaning takes use of almost muscle in your body parts which helps burn about 100 calories when you continuously work for an hour.
  2. It Minimizes Your Sick Days: Cleaning your working desk regularly helps keep the disease causing bacteria and germs away. This also helps in reducing your office sick days by up to 30%.
  3. Germs Have a Long Life: Uncleaned surfaces are life support system for the disease causing germs. Germs on dry surfaces like toys can survive for a few hours whereas germs on damp surfaces like bathroom sinks can live longer for even a few days.
  4. Open Lid Disperse Airborne Germs: It's quite alarming to think that with each flush of the toilet with an uncovered lid, bacteria and germs disperse into the air and can stay airborne for up to 90 minutes. So, remember to close the lid always.
  5. Antibacterial Cleaner Can Be More Effective: For an antibacterial cleaner to be effective, you must leave it on surfaces for 30 to 60 seconds ahead of wiping it away. It's really a helpful cleaning hack which you can regularly use.
  6. Our Skin Causes Most Dust: It's such a weird fact that 70% of the dust molecules comprises of dead skin flakes, while the remaining 20% constitutes outdoor particles like soil.
  7. Bad Indoor Air Quality Causes More Disease: An average individual spends more than 87% of their lifetime staying indoors, and indoor air quality can be 8 to 10 times worse than outdoor air quality, if you don't do regular cleaning. So, you must develop a sound cleaning habit.
  8. Kitchen Sinks Cause More Harm Than Toilets: It's terrifying to imagine but it's true that your kitchen sinks are supposed to contain more germs and bacteria than your toilets.
  9. A Woman Cleans More Than A Man: It must be a surprising revelation to you that the average woman in her lifetime cleans for 12,896 hours and the average man cleans for approximately 6,448 hours in his!
  10. Your Hands In Office Catch More Bacteria: It can be stressful to know, especially if you work in an office, that a typical office employee's hands contract 10 million bacteria per day.

Hopefully, after knowing about these facts related to cleaning, you'll find extra motivation for cleanliness of your office or business workplace. By getting professional help at place, you can ensure a neat,clean, and healthy environment for yourself and others. For more information, call us at (949) 358-6891.

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