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Top Most Germiest Places in Your Office

September 25, 2018

Even the cleanest office will still have germs, because so many people use them throughout the day. While frequently washing and sanitizing your hands will help reduce the number of microbes, it's best to hire professional office cleaning services for thorough cleaning—on a regular basis.

Here is a compilation of some of the spots considered the most germiest in your workplace:

Phones: Phones will collect germs every time they are used. The handset is continuously in contact with the mouth or face, and your fingers are always pressing the buttons. Even if the phone's speaker is used, there will still be some type of contact.

Coffee Pots: The coffee pots are also a hotbed for germs. Part of this is due to the water reservoir and the moist coffee grounds, which sit in the basket, overnight. This produces both germs and mold spores, especially if it is left sitting overnight, or over the weekend.

Buttons, Knobs, and Handles: Everyone in the office frequently uses buttons, knobs, and door handles. This means germs are passed from person to person. Wiping down door handles, buttons, and knobs, with a moist towelette, will significantly reduce the number of germs that are spread throughout the office on a daily basis.

Keyboards: Computer keyboards are also incredibly germy. Part of this is because of the numerous nooks and crannies, which are excellent hiding places for dust, debris, tiny bits of food, and any other small objects that may like to play hide and seek with you between the keys.

Bathroom Areas: Last, but not least, the bathroom and all of its appliances make it the germiest place in your office. Everyone uses the facilities. Germs are easily spread on the faucets as well as the toilet seats. Even the mirrors can harbor microbes.

How Office Cleaning Services Can Help

When you think of your office and the germs it contains, think of the items that everyone touches or uses. Office cleaning services can make your office shine and keep germs to a minimum. To schedule a thorough, complimentary review of your facility, you can call us at (949) 358-6891email us, or fill out and submit the form on our website.

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