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Top 10 Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

A tidy and sparkling clean commercial property will draw more clients as well as investors. If you overlook the importance of good office cleaning, the dirt and germs build up over time will be highly detrimental to your business. Hiring a leading commercial cleaning service will ensure your office offers a clean and healthy environment to all.

You can follow these 10 office cleaning tips and tricks, before hiring a professional service.

  1. Clean Your Desk: If everyone initiates regular cleaning of their individual workstation meticulously, it may result in much cleaner and visually appealing office space. Ensure to dust equipment on the desk including the monitor, keyboard, phone, and stationery, etc., once daily to help make the cubicles looking clean.
  2. Don’t Eat at Your Desk: Eating at your desk can result in food crumbs building up on your keyboard. So, it's advisable to avoid eating at your desk altogether. It may be a hard-to-follow rule but if you shake your keyboard by turning it over the sight of the amount of dirt and food particles spilling onto your desk may actually look disgusting to you.
  3. Sanitize Your Area: Use a sanitizing cleaner to remove away germs from your workstation at least once a week. You can also clean telephone mouthpiece, mouse, and headphones using disinfectant wipes. You should ensure to turn off your computer and monitor before cleaning.
  4. Take Care of Trash: Overflowing bins with the garbage can be a potential hazard. To avoid this, trash needs to eliminate regularly. Ensure to place a garbage bag in the dustbin every day to makes the garbage removal quicker and easier. Also, make sure your trash is removed every night because bacteria grow rapidly at night. Always use sanitizing wipes during trash handling.
  5. Clean Office Common Areas: The key to common office area cleaning is delegation. Plan and schedule a cleaning system based on promoting shared responsibility for the shared office spaces. Ensure to clearly communicate the rules for keeping the shared space clean and make sure it is consistently followed by everyone.
  6. Keep Toilets Clean: Keeping clean and disinfected toilets is also essential for everyone's health in the office. These are one of the high traffic zones due to the number of people using them. Regular and proper toilet cleaning is essential in order to discourage the breeding of all kinds of microbes and bugs that cause infectious diseases and foul smells.
  7. Maintain Kitchen Areas: Kitchen area cleaning involves cleaning of all dishes soon after their use. In addition to this, other kitchen appliances in the office like a microwave should be promptly cleared of the mess. Also, the unattended food and drink spilled in the kitchen can be hard to clean up later.
  8. Have Regular Floor Cleaning: Floor cleaning is an indispensable part of office cleaning. Office floors look attractive and become healthy when they are regularly vacuumed and moped. Waxing and stripping of older floors at regular intervals help maintain their best condition. Rugs should be vacuumed twice a week.
  9. Perform a Walk-through: Regularly conduct a personal walk through the office taking a common path to analyze the surroundings and cleaning needs. If a professional office cleaner is hired then, ensure to have no signs of an untidy office.
  10. Hire a Janitorial Cleaning Service: A busy schedule or huge office space is no reason for not having a clean office. Perhaps hiring a commercial cleaning company will work wonders in terms of your office cleaning needs. Companies that provide janitorial cleaning service are experienced in keeping an office area clean from the top to bottom, and take the extra work and worry from you.

Getting your office neat and tidy is merely half the battle. The key to maintaining a clean office is managing clutter before it is likely to pile up. If you're considering a professional janitorial services company, contact our experts at Momentum Janitorial Services today!