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Simple Steps to Keep Your Office Green and Clean

August 21, 2018

Going green was once thought of as an innovative business practice. Now, it’s the expectation; but many businesses are not exactly aware of where to start implementing green ideas.

Here is a simple guide to getting started on making your office a little greener:

  1. Adopt Renewable Energy: Green power sources like solar and wind energy are more accessible than ever, with alternatives including rooftop solar fittings and extensive wind farms. Organizations of any magnitude can make this shift.
  2. Make The Most of Natural Light: Depending on natural light as much as possible conserves energy and saves your consumption costs. Also consider fitting a smart power strip at each workstation, substituting all lighting equipment with LEDs, as well as including sensors and timers for workplace lighting.
  3. Encourage Green Commuting: Organizations can support employees who choose to reduce traveling emissions by walking, biking, carpooling, or public transit for commuting to and from the office, and give incentives for doing so. Providing work-from-home options can also decrease your organization's carbon footprint.
  4. Manage Waste Effectively: If your office lacks a recycling bin, it's time to present one. Guide your teammates to distinguish waste into heads like paper, plastic, glass, recyclables, and food scraps. This step will help to minimize the quantity of waste from your office reaching a landfill.
  5. Clean Office HVAC System: One primary, but frequently overlooked step, is to check for leaks in the vents of your HVAC systems and clean them regularly. Getting professional help from a janitorial service company for vacuuming or washing off your HVAC System will prevent dust from accumulating.
  6. Clean Green: A lot of businesses forget to go green when it comes to cleaning their office. But cleaning supplies and materials can have a significant impact on the environment. Choosing green cleaning products and materials, or choosing a cleaning service that uses those products, is a tangible, immediate practice you can implement today.
  7. Every Watt Counts: It may seem trivial, but turning off unnecessary lights can lower your carbon footprint significantly. Try turning off half your lights or installing lights triggered by motion detectors in places like the mailroom or the bathroom.
  8. Go Paperless: Technology has now made it possible for businesses of all types to reduce the amount of paper used in their day-to-day operations. And yet, you still probably use more paper than necessary. Using document sharing technology, sending emails instead of memos and projecting meeting documents on a document camera or projector can reduce your paper use. As a side benefit, you'll save on toner as well.
  9. Plant a Tree: Placing a potted plant or two in the office premises can go a long way in enhancing your business prospects. Indoor plants not only improve the air quality inside your office but also make the place look more attractive, as well as increase the productivity of your staff.
  10. Ban the Bottle: Plastic water bottles have become the bane of the landfill. These bottles show up everywhere and don't easily decompose. Instead of using bottled water at your meetings or for your staff room, install a high-quality water filter and invest in some pitchers and reusable cups.

Going green at your business is easier than you think; you can start today with these quick and easy steps mentioned here. You can hire professional office cleaning services to help you with your goal of going green at your business. Contact us at (949) 358-6891 to learn more about how to keep an eco-friendly office space or to schedule a complimentary assessment of your commercial space.

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