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California based companies face fines if they hire an unregistered Janitorial Service company.

November 16, 2023

While price and service are important factors when deciding for your janitorial contracting company, it's crucial for companies to pay attention to the licenses the janitorial service company has. With the California Property Service Workers Protection Act coming into play on July 1, 2018, business might face legal consequences.

Businesses need to re-evaluate their approach to hiring janitorial services.

The Property Service Workers Protection Act mandates janitorial service providers to register annually with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. To register, these services must meet specific requirements. Failure to comply may result in severe civil penalties, making it an even more pressing issue to deal with.

The license requirement is in place to ensure that janitorial service providers are operating legally and are adhering to all labor laws. It also protects employees by ensuring that they are working for companies that provide workers' compensation insurance, which is required by law.

Legal Consequences of Hiring an Unregistered Janitorial Service in California

It is important for both janitorial service providers and their clients to be aware of the licensing requirement and to ensure that they are working with licensed employers. This helps to prevent any legal issues that may arise from working with unregistered employers.

According to California Labor Code section 1432(b), any entity that employs an unregistered janitorial service may face a fine of up to $10,000 for the first offense and up to $25,000 for subsequent violations. To avoid these penalties, the DLSE has set up a registration portal that includes registered janitorial service providers.

Momentum Janitorial renews this license each year and we present it along with our other certifications on time of the proposal, ensuring we meet all state regulations when it comes to our company and your business reputation and help you avoid potential fines.

For further information on this, please refer to the state of CA - Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

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