Tips to Follow for Reducing Cross Contamination In Your Healthcare Facility

Cross contamination is a common problem in many offices. A health facility is a perfect playground for germs, viruses, and bacteria to thrive. In order to prevent cross-contamination, the commercial janitorial service you choose must do everything they can to provide the deepest cleaning on all levels. In addition to their efforts, you must also chip in.

  • Schedule Deep Cleanings on a Regular Basis Deep cleanings should be performed at least twice a week or more. Doing so ensure that every area of the facility has been thoroughly disinfected and prevent germs from being transferred from one location to another.
  • Make Sure to Use the Right Cleaning Supplies and Sanitation Tools Deep environmental cleanings cover even in the smallest hiding areas where germs try to hide. Using green cleaning solutions that contain a hospital-grade disinfectant and microfiber cloths will help to take germs out before they have a chance to become entrenched in the nooks and crannies of the office.
  • Encourage Proper Hygiene in the Workplace To prevent cross-contamination in any healthcare facility, the first line of defense is the staff. Staff members who consistently use proper hygiene practices when dealing with patients can reduce the risk of cross-contamination many times over. Placing containers of anti-bacterial gels and hand sanitizers in each room and along the corridors will stop germs in their tracks if they are used accordingly.

Preventing cross-contamination doesn't start with commercial cleaning services. It's everyone's responsibility. If the staff does everything they can to reduce the risk of spreading germs, the cleaning crew can make quick work of the facility, even on nights when a deep cleaning is scheduled.

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