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7 Easy Tips for Effective Medical Office Cleaning

July 17, 2018

There’s this wise old proverb to never assess a book by its cover. However, with regards to medical facilities, first impressions matter. There are no second attempts or do-overs, and you’re certainly not going to get that initial reaction back. Moreover, if the response is negative, it could cost you a patient or future recommendations from that patient. So you should make sure your medical office is serving you well.

Smart Tips to Promote Effective Office Cleaning: There are various aspects of a successful commercial office cleaning when it comes to a medical facility that ranges from cleaning to disinfecting to contamination prevention. Providing a safe and hygienic environment can be demanding, but with the correct processes in place, office administrators, housekeeping staff, and nurses can achieve this goal for everyone involved.

Here are some effective cleaning tips to boost your medical office cleaning program:

  1. Cleaners & Disinfectants Selection: To help accomplish the most suitable results in a healthcare environment, consider specialized multipurpose cleaning products that contain hospital-grade disinfectants. Multipurpose products are effective in getting the work done well the first time.
  2. Cleaning Checklist Maintenance: Maintain a checklist that reports about all high-touch surfaces in the office, such as cabinets, countertops, doorknobs, computer keyboards, sinks, bedrails, doors, chairs and light switches. Always ensure these surfaces get consistently and adequately cleaned. Every staff member should be guided and monitored to comply with the cleaning checklist requirements.
  3. Staff Education on Cleaning System: Every staff member should get trained on which regions to clean and how to get it done correctly. A cleaning system should be set up to verify that the performed cleaning meets the required standards. Repeat training should be conducted to ensure that every staff member remains on the same page when it comes to the facility cleaning norms.
  4. Product Label Instructions: In case of both a multipurpose product and an individual disinfectant, the chemical must be left on surfaces as specified on the label instructions to get the most suitable results. Make sure the hired professional cleaners, read and adhere to label instructions carefully, because products are only beneficial when used correctly.
  5. Equipment Cleaning & Sanitization: Cleaning apparatuses, such as scrubbing pads, brushes, mops, and scrapers, can lead to cross-contamination. Wash cleaning instruments thoroughly after each use to reduce the dissemination of germs or use disposable kits. Make sure to include the right cleaning and sanitizing procedures in the cleaning checklist, which is to be followed by everyone.
  6. The Dirt on Bathroom Sanitation: Bathrooms are frequently reported as one of the toughest areas to clean because these small but difficult-to-reach spots include high-touch zones, such as counters, sinks, and more. Toilets can harbor bacteria; therefore, frequent bathroom cleaning and sanitization is essential to keep a clean and odor-free setting.
  7. Hand-washing for Hygiene: One of the best means to combat the spread of viruses and bacteria is frequent hand washing. Make sure to place anti-bacterial hand wash solutions at the required spots, throughout your facility. Additionally, put signage everywhere in the building that will prompt medical staff, patients, and visitors to wash their hands regularly.

These easy tips can not only help maintain a successful medical office cleaning and disinfecting schedule, boosting superior patient care, but also ensure the best possible utilization of valuable staff time and resources.

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