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5 Reasons to Keep Your Server Rooms Spotlessly Clean

The server room is a critical environment in many businesses. Customers and employees rely on a server room’s performance around the clock. It is important to keep your server room clean and well-maintained for maximum efficiency and safety. Otherwise, debris and dust can damage your server room hardware. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning service for spotless cleaning of your server room.

Here are five reasons why you should keep your server room clean.

  • Frequent Cleaning Reduces Downtime. Businesses can experience lengthy downtimes and delays when machines cannot cool efficiently or need to be replaced. Regular server room cleaning helps in removing dust, debris, and also reduces the downtime. It also improves the equipment’s efficiency, lifecycle, and performance.
  • An Unclean Environment Can Attract Rodents. Rodents can get into the server rooms. They can bring expensive damage and downtime. The underfloor area can become a highway for mice, rats, and rodents that can carry bacteria and damage the equipment. Hire commercial cleaning services for regularly cleaning the underfloor area of your server room. This will remove germs and will help you detect any rodent issues before they become problematic.
  • Cleanliness Improves the Life Span of Equipment. The hardware in your server room runs continuously, with each machine drawing in air to cool internal components. When debris and dust are present in the air, they get drawn into the machine during the cooling process. The accumulated dust can insulate the machines and reduce natural heat transfer. Dirty server rooms can overheat the equipment and cause expensive damage. Keeping your server room clean can improve the performance and longevity of equipment.
  • Dirt and Dust Can Clog the Air Filters. The air filtration system in your server room continuously filters contaminants, debris, and dust from the air. When the filter becomes clogged, the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) may struggle to cool your server room properly. You need to change the air filters of your server room’s air conditioning systems regularly to maximize the efficiency of cooling.
  • A Clean Server Room Promotes Workplace Safety. Server room fires can cause costly damage, including data loss, downtime, and equipment loss. Operator error and lack of cleanliness are the major causes of a server room fire. Statically-charged dust can lead to short circuits, and overheating is another reason for server room fire. Make sure to keep your server room clean to reduce fire risks.

How to Keep Your Server Room Clean and Safe

A server room needs to stay cool and dry to keep all the equipment from overheating and further damage. Learn how to maintain a clean, safe, and efficient server room.

  • Carefully Monitor Temperature. The server room needs to be kept in a controlled environment to retain quality and function properly. You should maintain a server room temperature between 64.4 °F and 80.6 °F with a relative humidity of 40- 50 percent. If the ambient air temperature is constantly in the mid 80 °F or higher, you need to take necessary action to avoid shortening of the lifespan of your server room equipment.
  • Use the Right Equipment. In order to avoid stacking hardware on random desk and shelves, make sure you use the right equipment for the job. Use a rack-mounted equipment design to house server hardware. For example, you can invest in shelves and drawers specifically designed for mounting onto the server rack, which will ensure efficient use of the space within the server room.
  • Be Systematic with Cord Organization. With several cords leading from various machine outlets to other equipment in your server room, it is easy for cables to get intertwined, tangled, and lost. The best cable organization strategy is to keep cords short, use the color-coded cable to differentiate, or you can label them on both ends.
  • Clean the Equipment Regularly. Any dust that accumulates on the equipment surface will find its way inside. This can impact the performance of your server room over time. Therefore, make sure to wipe down the equipment regularly. You can also use pressured air to clean inside the hardware.

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