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4 Germiest Office Areas That You May Not Be Cleaning Correctly

Nowadays, offices are spending more time and care cleaning areas around their facilities. With COVID-19 still a real and present risk within offices, it is important to make sure that no surface is left untreated. However, it can be an overwhelming task for office managers or employees to stay accountable for keeping areas around the office safely clean and sanitized. In fact, there are some surprising areas within most offices that may not be cleaned correctly or at all!

1. Break Rooms

It may not be surprising that break rooms can be one of the germiest places within an office. These areas are high traffic and high touch throughout the day. While it may seem obvious that break rooms need frequent cleaning and sanitation, there are surfaces within these areas that may be accidentally neglected. Surfaces like break room sink faucets and handles, microwave and refrigerator door handles as well as any cabinet handles may not be cleaned thoroughly enough or often enough.

2. Employee Workstations

Employee desks typically experience lower volume traffic; however, they are high-tough by the employees that use them and because of the amount of activity by those employees day-to-day they can become one of the germiest areas within an office. Routine cleanings can manage this effectively, however, something more than a general wipe-down can be needed.

3. Lobby/Entry Areas

Another high-traffic office area is the lobby/entry area of an office. It may seem obvious that these areas can be some of the germiest regions within the office because of the in and out traffic. Places like water fountains, water dispensers, snack dispensers, and things that are high traffic and high touch are more likely to house high amounts of bacteria. These areas should be wiped down routinely, but is that enough? Disinfection should also be prioritized.

4. Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are common areas that can be used periodically throughout the business day or week by multiple groups of employees. Most often these are used as meeting rooms for presentations, however, group meetings may also take place in these rooms and involve snacks and/or meals. In these conference rooms, there may be a carafe of water and water glasses out for use as well. It is important to not only clean and sanitize the communal glasses and water carafe, but also clean and disinfect surfaces, presentation equipment and any phones within conference rooms as well.


Once you identify the germiest areas in your office, you and your office manager can determine the best cleaning schedule for the areas. Most offices should receive routine daily cleaning along with more detailed cleaning periodically. A schedule like the Complete Office Cleaning Package from Momentum Janitorial is best suited for offices that have in-office staff. A program like this provides per-visit duties that encompass all high traffic areas like the front entry/lobby areas, workstations, office kitchens and conference rooms, as well as weekly, monthly, and quarterly duties that provide more detailed cleaning in those areas. Another service to consider adding to your office’s routine, especially during the cold weather months where the spread of sickness is more of a risk, is a disinfection service like Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting with Clorox Total 360.  This service kills 99.99% of bacteria in seconds and eliminates cold and flu viruses in just a matter of minutes. Electrostatic spray disinfection is ideal for high-traffic and hard-to-reach surfaces as well. Contact Momentum Janitorial to discuss your office's needs and put together your ideal Complete Office Cleaning Package!