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Window Cleaning

The appearance and cleanliness of your facility are critically important to you, your staff, and all occupants alike. From retail units in shopping malls to multi-storey office blocks through to business parks and hospitals, we deliver quality through our focus on safety, health, environment, and overall appearance. Dirty windows can be detrimental to a company’s image while dirty blinds hazardous to occupant health. Regular, professional Window & Blinds cleaning will eliminate this problem.

At Momentum Janitorial we are constantly reviewing our Window Cleaning methods and procedures to ensure we are using the latest technologies, equipment, and cleaning products available. Window & Blinds Cleaning can be potentially hazardous but you can be assured that we are fully compliant with all current health and safety legislation. We can design a practical and cost-effective Window & Blinds Cleaning program to meet the needs of your facility. We will then deliver a consistent quality service, efficiently, effectively, and above all safely.

While we don’t provide individual cleaning services, all these services are integrated into our ‘Commercial Cleaning Service’ package.