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6 Tips to Protect Floors and Carpets When Hosting an Office Party

May 22, 2018

Hosting a business party or any type of official event gatherings takes immense planning and organization. However, you also have to be mindful of the mess left behind at the venue after a good party. You can reduce the wear and tear on the carpets and floors by limiting their exposure to the dirt and grime that normally accompanies a steady flow of people through your property.

Follow these simple floor and carpet cleaning tips:

  1. Placing heavy, outdoor mats in front of your doors will eliminate a great deal off the bottom of the guest's shoes. Putting a small sign up asking guests to wipe their feet on the mat will also help.
  2. Rugs put down in hallways and other high traffic areas of your property will be extremely helpful. Long rugs that fit neatly between strategic places will reduce the risk of dirt ending up in areas where people will be congregating.
  3. Get glides or small pads placed under the legs of the furniture. If a piece of furniture gets bumped or moved, you won't have to worry about scuff marks or gouges in the flooring.
  4. Have a few small trash cans placed in the busiest areas of your property. Check them frequently to make sure they don't get too full and dump them whenever necessary. A few extra supervision on trash cans can save you from nasty stains that are hard to remove the next day.
  5. A fabric protector shielding on the carpets or rugs can be highly advantageous in securing them from damage due to massive footfall during the gathering. Place the protector at least three hours prior to the arrival of guests, so that it gets completely dry and forms a protective layer.
  6. Hire professional commercial cleaners to do the floor and carpet cleaning job for you. Before hiring, make sure the cleaners have all the required carpet cleaning products and equipment. Also, ensure they have adequate skills and experience for handling this job.

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