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3 Significant Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning Services

August 30, 2022

The Importance of Professional Window Cleaning

Keeping the windows of your office clean is important for many reasons, but it isn’t as easy a quick wipe-down. Professional Window Cleaning is an important service offered by professional janitorial companies, like Momentum Janitorial, that provides a thorough indoor and outdoor clean of your office’s windows and can include quarterly or annual deep cleaning. Routine window cleaning services can provide many benefits including keeping your office looking it’s best, keeping a healthier environment for your office’s employees, extending the life of the windows themselves and keeping your energy costs optimized!

1. Keep Your Business Looking Its Best!

For storefronts of businesses with any sort of physical marketing, branding materials or decorations to consider, the overall visibility is improved with regular window cleaning. Keeping the interior of the windows clean is important, but when visibility is key, quarterly exterior window cleaning is important. This keeps your windows clear of debris and dust build up so that you can maintain optimum visibility of your businesses branding.

2. Maintain A Healthy Environment for Employees

Keeping windows clean doesn’t just benefit the physical appearance of the business, it is also a great way to keep your employees healthy.

• Control Dust Build-Up to Improve Employee Allergies

Keeping the windows inside the office clean of pollen and dust build up as well as any cobwebs or other miscellaneous debris can prevent the number of airborne particles circulating within the office. Without proper window cleaning, these allergens can become stirred up with any activities and cause allergy responses in employees.

• Natural Light Boosts Employee Productivity & Mindset

Keeping the interior and exterior windows of your business clean lets a healthy amount of natural light to enter your business. Natural light is an easy energy booster for employees. Having an adequately lit business also allows employees to keep their devices’ screen brightness lower which could result in less eye strain and/or headaches allowing for increased productivity and improved energy levels. Happy employees are healthy employees!

3. Prolong the Life of Your Windows & Optimize Energy Costs!

When your windows are professionally cleaned and serviced both inside and out, this allows for any issues or abnormalities like scratches, chips, cracks, or weathered seals to be addressed in a reasonable time frame. Doing so can prevent issues from escalating and allow for the lifetime of your windows to be extended. Windows that are not at least periodically services can become weathered, brittle or otherwise more susceptible to issues. Keeping your windows in top shape gives you more control on your energy costs because any blemished that are negatively impacting the efficiency of your windows can be resolved before the issues escalate past repair.


Professional window cleaning services, like the services offered by Momentum Janitorial, improves the overall impression, safety and efficiency of your office. Strategically located throughout Orange County, Momentum Janitorial has over 25 years of experience in commercial office cleaning services. Momentum Janitorial’s office cleaning programs go beyond traditional janitorial cleaning by utilizing the industries leading technology and equipment to provide a safer, more effective cleaning system for you. Contact Momentum Janitorial and let our experts design a practical and cost-effective Window Cleaning program to meet the needs of your facility!

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