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Why Schools Should Go for Green Cleaning

Everyday almost 60 million students and staff attend schools representing 20 percent of America's overall population. Keeping the schools clean and reducing air pollutants is critical for protecting them from exposure to harmful substances. A green cleaning program will help the students and staff stay healthy. A green school environment is helpful in improving children's learning and well-being.

A well-designed and planned green cleaning initiative will help in the following ways:

  • Save money
  • Preserve environment
  • Increase the lifespan of the facilities
  • Improve everyone’s health
  • Increase everyone’s lifespan

Schools should follow green cleaning as it offers the following major benefits:

Beneficial for Students: Children suffer from problems such as asthma due to poor air quality. If the air quality gets improved, these problems will cease to exist. It will provide children better health and they will be able to focus more towards studies and other important activities such as exercise.

Protects Custodial Staff: Every year 6% of the custodians get injured on the job due to chemical exposures. Custodial staffs are prone to health problems due to exposure to unsafe environment and toxic cleaning chemicals. Green chemicals will reduce the risk of falling sick and injuries.

Environment Preservation: A green cleaning initiative will make a bigger impact in environment preservation. If all the schools in the US start using energy-efficient cleaning equipment, it is estimated that 23 million tons of carbon emission will be saved.

Saves Money: There will be considerable money savings as most of the green chemicals in the market are reasonably priced when compared to traditional chemicals for cleaning purposes. It will save money which can be used for some other important purpose such as improving the meal plans.

A green cleaning initiative in the schools will provide a healthy environment for the children to play and learn!

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