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Things You Need to Know Before Cleaning Your Carpet From Pet Hair

October 11, 2017

Having furry pets is a common feature in households in America and pet parents vouch for the fact that dogs and cats provide excellent company. But it also leads to their hair winding up everywhere.

Pet hair, apart from being just annoying, can be dangerous too if any person at your home is allergic to them. The silver lining is that regular vacuuming of your carpet and preventive maintenance will reduce allergens appreciably in your home and improve the overall air quality.

You Need to Find Spots Where Pet Hair Collects

Those places in your home which have low air flow are the ones where pet hair will collect the most. These places could be the pet's crate, floor lamps, baskets for laundry, and also under sofas, chairs and beds; pet hair also collects in the basements, the bottom hinges of your doors and the door jams.

Tools That You'll Need to Clean Pet Hair

A high-quality vacuum cleaner having powerful suction is the first thing that you will need to have. One of the first things you should do is make sure you have a high quality vacuum with powerful suction. If you are trying to clean areas of your carpeted floor that are hard-to-reach, the following attachments for your vacuum cleaner can be beneficial:

Stair attachment

This is a tool that is shaped like a vacuum head's smaller version and helps in the cleaning of stairs, furniture, curtains and small areas that are carpeted.

Rectangle & crevice attachment

This is a long attachment with a narrow end that is particularly useful for cleaning corners of your home that are hard to reach. In those areas where the rectangle attachment won't be able to sneak into, the crevice attachment will, like the door jams and also around hinges.

Brush attachment

This tool is soft-bristled and is particularly helpful for cleaning hard and small surfaces like baseboards and bookshelves.

Scrubbing attachment

This is an attachment having harder bristles that helps you clean up pet hair on pet bedding and furniture, making it easier to clean it up with a vacuum cleaner.

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