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The Top Memo Templates and Samples for Staff to Keep Office Clean

Keeping your office clean is important to look professional, provide a healthy work environment for your employees, and increase your productivity. However, keeping an office clean is not a one-man job. Your employees should also help with keeping the workplace clean and sanitized. You should consider distributing a memo to staff to keep the office clean. Make sure the memo contains a brief and on-point message to bring awareness to your employees.

Here are the top memo templates and samples that will help you keep your workplace clean and healthier:

Employees Must Wash Hands

This template reminds employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom and helps keep the office clean and free of germs.

Keep the Fridge Clean

This memo emphasizes employees to keep the refrigerators clean as dirty fridges can harbor harmful bacteria. You can include some details in this memo, such as the right temperature of the fridge, how to practice safe cleaning, and how to remove odors. You can either email this memo to your staff or print and post it on your office fridge.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Keeping your office kitchen clean is important. Employees and customers do not have to worry about spreading germs if your office kitchen is well-kept. You can add some dos and don’ts to this memo to make it more effective.

Keep the Office Clean

This template suits to every office and can be customized according to your needs. You can include some points regarding “how to keep the office clean” and suggest them to safely dispose of the used tissues and other things in the trash cans. Hire a commercial cleaning company for regular cleaning.

Fragrance-Free Poster

Fragrances and perfumes in the office can cause health problems to workers, clients, and employers who are sensitive to scents or have respiratory problems. Posting a fragrance-free poster will help create an atmosphere that everyone is comfortable in.

Office Pet Etiquette

If your office allows pets, you can post a memo that explains how to keep the pets safe and comfortable at work. Also, include some details in the memo such as up-to-date pet vaccinations, reducing possible allergens, assigning a pet sitter, and more.

Office Bathroom Etiquette

Send out a memo that explains how to keep the office bathroom clean. Besides placing a memo, keep adequate paper towels and air freshener sprays in the washroom.

Prevent the Flu

You can place a “prevent the flu” poster at your office to keep your employees informed about the causes, symptoms, and complications of the flu and how to prevent it.

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