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Professional Office Cleaning Services – How Often Should I Schedule My Office Cleaning?

Professional commercial office cleaning is an essential service that not only keeps your office areas looking clean and professional, but also provides a safe and healthy environment for your employees and office visitors. It is important to have a professional office cleaning provider evaluate the needs of your facility and budget to develop an office cleaning schedule that suits your requirements.

Do all office areas need professional cleaning?

Simple tasks like wiping down the coffee maker or tidying up individual desk areas may be suitable for light cleaning by employees. However, high-traffic areas, common areas or spaces that require specific cleaning solutions or methods, like bathrooms, are best left to the professionals like those at Momentum Janitorial.

How often should you schedule your professional office cleaning services?

First, you need to identify the areas to be cleaned. Highly trafficked areas that receive the most use need to be serviced daily for the health and safety of the employees and visitors. This includes areas such as lobbies, reception, bathrooms, and break rooms. Although we highly recommend daily service, at minimum these areas should be serviced three times per week. This will ensure the cleanliness and safety of all employees and office visitors.

Along with daily cleaning duties, offices also require additional types of cleaning and sanitation that are more acceptable on a less frequent basis. Things like window cleaning, dusting, carpet cleaning and floor polishing can be completed weekly, monthly, and sometimes even quarterly, depending on your office.

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Why should you choose Momentum Janitorial?

Momentum Janitorial provides high-quality professional cleaning services at an affordable rate. Their team of professionals adhere to exceptional standards for cleaning and customer service that allows them to stand out among other janitorial companies. Momentum Janitorial uses the latest cleaning technology and equipment to ensure the highest cleaning standard in the industry. Their attention-to-detail approach and 100% customer satisfaction commitment has made them one of the best and trusted commercial janitorial companies in Orange County. Contact Momentum Janitorial to discuss your office cleaning needs today!