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SSS® Surpass Air Care Dispenser - White

Item#: 150150
Price: as low as $5.95
Product Details:

The Surpass is a passive air freshening system that delivers a powerful, consistent freshness for 30 days. It is capable of freshening your largest spaces without any batteries or fans, and in addition to its own dispenser, Surpass fits in TC®, Ecolab®, Hospeco®, Kimberly-Clark® and fan-dispensers. No matter what you put it in, or where you hang it, the Surpass cannot break or spill. It works well in restroom stalls, on restroom walls, conference rooms, entry ways, lobbies, trash rooms, or near soiled linens. Surpass is also 100% recyclable and is part of a closed-loop recycling program that allows you to easily return used refills.

Product Specs: White Dispenser, 12/cs
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