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Post Construction Cleaning Checklists

November 7, 2017

Once you are done with a home renovation project, you might want to sit back and enjoy your new space. However, you would still find yourself left a huge amount of post construction cleaning tasks. Such tasks could involve cleaning up the dust that results from the construction activity.

Here's a post construction cleaning checklist for you to keep things tidy:

  1. Carpets & Upholstery Vacuuming: Cleaning up dust by vacuuming the curtains, carpeted floors, and upholstery is important, so that they don't look filthy; and also cause breathing discomfort to your family, pets, and friends.
  2. Wiping off Hard Surfaces: Surfaces need to be cleaned top down. For a start, wipe the dust off your walls. While dry dusting is a really safe way for the removal of particles without causing damage to the walls' surface, damp cloth can also be used that in turn would depend upon the what type of paint has been used on your walls or the wall covering used. Likewise, moldings and cabinets in particular need cleaning as they are favorite resting spots for dust particles.
  3. Cleaning Air Vents & Replacing Filters: In case your home renovation project is large, the dust and debris are surely going to be mingled in the air itself, and then make their way to your air vents. Therefore, cleaning of the air vents and filters in your home is critical to prevent the spread of dust particles to the rest of your house. Clean the vents with soap and warm water and then dry them thoroughly.
  4. Make Sure You Don't Forget This!: Some items in a home are commonly overlooked while cleaning up the renovation area in your home. These include, the blades of the ceiling fans, light fixtures, lamp shades, small appliances and electronics, and lastly, the decorative items. Make sure you don't forget to clean them too!

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