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Important Tips for Cleaning Your Urgent Care Center

September 4, 2019

Keeping your urgent care center clean and well-maintained is essential. It is necessary to create an atmosphere that minimizes infections and controls communicable diseases. Urgent care centers must be cleaned on a consistent basis. Patients that visit these centers want to experience a clean and tidy space. The entire premises of your urgent care center, including bathrooms, treatment rooms, and waiting rooms, should be kept clean for your patients. A clean urgent care center is important for patients, visitors and staff to stay healthy.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right cleaning company for your urgent care center.

Customized Cleaning Program

Every urgent care center varies in its size, location, and foot traffic. It is important to create a customized cleaning program to meet your unique needs. Consider these points when you create a cleaning program with your cleaning company:

  • Consider the size, business hours, and patient traffic of your urgent care center to determine the number of cleaning shifts required.
  • Make sure the counters, cabinets, shelves, tables, trash cans, patient seating, floors, walls, and doors are disinfected during every cleaning session.
  • Ask whether your cleaning company can perform terminal cleanings.
  • Explain your bathroom cleaning requirements and how often it should be cleaned each day.
  • Make sure your cleaning company staff is certified and trained.
  • Ask whether your cleaning company can provide additional cleaning services like window cleaningcarpet cleaning, and more.

Responsive Communication

It’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with your cleaning company and address your urgent care center’s cleaning needs. Consider these tips to have a responsive communication with your cleaning company:

  • Make sure to exchange primary and secondary contact information.
  • Ask how quickly your cleaning company can handle emergencies.
  • Explain to your cleaning team if you want any of your staff members to supervise them.
  • Let them know how frequently you need their cleaning services.

What Should You Expect From Your Cleaning Company?

Your janitorial cleaning services should:

  • Offer flexible cleaning services. They should listen to your unique cleaning needs and tailor a cleaning program accordingly.
  • Get the job done precisely. Your cleaning team should have the experience and expertise in cleaning the bacteria on your premises in a timely manner.
  • Use the right cleaning tools. Your cleaning staff should be trained and knowledgeable to use the tools properly. They should ensure to provide a clean and tidy space for your patients, staff, and visitors.

Contact us today or visit our office to create an urgent care cleaning program to meet your budget and unique needs.

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