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How to Professionally Clean Your Own Carpet

January 14, 2018

If you've decided to put your property on sale, you can make it stand out from the rest. You will need to de-clutter, do repairs, and get your residence cleaned up thoroughly. A prospective buyer will most likely notice your carpeting first when they enter your home; therefore, you need to focus on cleaning up your carpet as your first priority. Just by vacuuming, shampooing and grooming can make even an old carpet look fluffy and new.

Here are the steps you need to follow for cleaning up your carpet:

  • De-clutter the carpeted rooms which need to be cleaned. You can store the items either in a storage facility or in another part of your house.
  • Examine your carpet closely by crawling around the room and cut any threads sticking out with the help of scissors.
  • To remove hardened stain from the carpet, spray a stain remover and leave in place the cleaning agent for the time period specified in the instructions. To absorb the cleaner along with the stains, blot the place with a rag.
  • Place ice cubes on the dented areas of the carpet underneath the furniture and allow them to melt completely.
  • Using a paper towel, blot the wet portions gently till no more moisture is absorbed.
  • Using a hand towel, remove the excess liquid. Then lay the towel over dented areas of the carpet and gently iron the towel for about a minute or so, focusing on the areas above the dent.
  • Remove all the dirt and dust by vacuuming the carpet before shampooing it, especially focusing on the corners and spaces where the carpet is adjacent to the walls, as well as the high-traffic areas.
  • Fill the exact amount of cleaning solution and water in your carpet shampooer as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Choosing the area farthest from the exit doorway, start shampooing the carpet.
  • Let the carpet dry up completely.
  • Sprinkle carpet deodorizing powder over entire floor for the time period specified in the instructions.
  • Vacuum clean the carpet again to suck up the deodorizing powder or remaining dirt and cleaning residue.
  • If any furniture got displaced during the procedure, return it to the room.

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