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Halloween Is Coming: Are You Ready to Clean the Mess?

Halloween means a festive time laden with fun, magic, fantasy and merriment. However, the celebrations can easily turn your entire office into a mess. Here are a few tips and tricks for cleaning stains and other kinds of messy things within office post Halloween.

Pumpkin Mess and Smell Cleanup

Jack-o-lantern is integral to Halloween festivities. But carving pumpkins can easily leave behind a huge clutter. You can lay out newspapers on your counter to minimize the mess. Since newspapers are compostable, you can simply roll up the entire pumpkin remnants and throw it into your bin after you are done with the carving. To clean up pumpkin residue, you can use a spray and wipe cleaner.

Elimination of Greasepaint and Costume Makeup Mess

While a makeup is the best friend of Halloween, it's easily the worst enemy for your workplace: no area of your office, be it the walls, carpets, or furniture, is safe from stains left behind by wearing a makeup. For this, you need to apply a cleaning product in the affected areas that can emulsify the oil present in such stains and then use a cleaning brush. Use a spray and wipe cleaner for walls to degrease them.

Cleaning Chocolate Stains

Chocolate, a staple for Halloween, will stain your furniture, carpet, or the couch the most. To clean chocolate stains, try scraping off any in bulk. Thereafter, use a carpet spot remover. Then, gently work away the stain.

Cleaning Up Vomit

A very easy way of cleaning up vomit is to use a spill absorbent that turns a liquid mess into solid, allowing easy disposal. To remove residual stains and to eliminate foul odor, use a hydrogen-peroxide based cleaner.

Toilet Paper Removal From Your Shrubs

It's really simple. Just use the handle of your broom for unwinding the paper and put them into a compostable bag.

Glitter and Confetti

It’s always best to do away with all the confetti and glitter first because they can dirty hardwood or carpet if lingered on for too long. Start vacuuming every visible glitter particle. If you spot a few stubborn confetti and glitter particles that are hard to eliminate from your carpet or floor, apply some playdoh, and spin it over the surface to remove them.

Stuck Gum

If you come across a half-chewed bit of gum stuck onto your upholstery, don’t worry. Freeze the gum by smearing some ice on it; after this, the gum can be lifted off in one piece. If not, rub the ice over it until the gum has hardened, and scour it away.

Wax Drippings

To remove the wax spilled from spooky candles onto the wooden surfaces, first, loosen the wax by warming with a hairdryer and then sponging them away with a cloth. Clear off the residue by applying a solution of one part vinegar and water each. Wax on the tablecloth can be removed by scraping with a butter knife and running a low heat iron over the stain by placing a clean paper towel.

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