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Common Area Disinfection Program

Common Area Disinfection Program

If you are looking for a highly professional and dedicated commercial janitorial company near you, count on us.

Momentum Janitorial currently employs a spray and wipe disinfection program for our customers.

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Service Includes:

  • A nightly disinfection program which will target common area trigger points such as door handles, light switches door knobs, hand rails, push plates, conference room tables, counters, restroom hot spots and kitchen trigger points.
  • This program will focus on common areas only and not on individual workstations.
  • This disinfection program would be performed after the regular cleaning and would be in addition to regular cleaning duties and would be performed by your regular cleaning staff.
  • The product we would be using is recommended as the best available by Waxie Sanitary Supply and it’s a Hydrogen Peroxide based disinfectant cleaner called Solsta 730 HP and is registered with the EPA.

Please note that Momentum Janitorial cannot guarantee and we do not imply in any way shape or form that this product or proposed disinfection program will in fact keep your office free of COVID-19 & Momentum Janitorial is not certified in any way by any government agencies to provide disinfection services

Employee Office / Workstation Full Disinfection Request:

  • Includes full workstation area, telephone, chairs, filing cabinets, doors, door handles, and window partitions.
  • To be used as needed in case of employee sick day.
  • To include per workstation (1 workspace only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Momentum Janitorial Staff Supervised?

All Momentum employees will be uniformed, trained, and supervised.

Is Momentum Janitorial Insured?

Yes, Momentum Janitorial is covered by United States Liability Insurance Company for 2 Million in general liability. A certificate of insurance including workers compensation is provided in our proposal.

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