Helpful Tips for Cleaning Windows With Vinegar

A window cleaning service that uses vinegar for cleaning window glass has a secret weapon at their disposal. Cleaning your windows with vinegar is one of the easiest and safest ways to make your home shine. The recipe for vinegar-based window cleaner is easy to remember and one bottle will last you several months.1 cup warm water1 cup white vinegar½ teaspoon dishwashing liquid...Continue reading

7 Day Cleaning Tips for Christmas Party-Ready House

While you are busy preparing the to-do list for your Christmas party, cleaning the house should be your top priority; however, don't regard it as a chore. It's an easily attainable task if you plan for it in an organized manner. You need to divide the cleaning work into tasks to be completed over an entire week preceding the party in small chunks of time, maybe an hour or less each...Continue reading