Office Cleaning Tips: Before and After a Christmas Party

As we all know, it's Christmas time, which means it’s time for holiday parties and celebrations. Cleaning up your office is one of the essential tasks before and after Christmas gatherings.Here are a few office cleaning tips to make sure that you have a clean and tidy workplace before and after your Christmas celebration.Pre Party Clean-upBefore your office party, make sure the washrooms...Continue reading

5 Office Cleaning Tips After a Thanksgiving Party

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, offices are gearing up for parties that are a great way to wrap up the year. However, once everyone has had their fun and the party is over, you will need a clean-up. Hiring a commercial office cleaning service for the post-party clean-up is the best option to ensure your workplace looks great after the Thanksgiving party.Here are some tips that...Continue reading

Top 10 Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

A tidy and sparkling clean commercial property will draw more clients as well as investors. If you overlook the importance of good office cleaning, the dirt and germs build up over time will be highly detrimental to your business. Hiring a leading commercial cleaning service will ensure your office offers a clean and healthy environment to all.You can follow these 10 office cleaning tips...Continue reading

Debunking 5 Popular Office Cleaning Services Myths

Being the main hub for a business in any industry, an office space is absolutely indispensable. The cleanliness of your office facility is essential when it comes to facility management. Having a clean and hygienic environment has various positive effects on your workforce and ultimately on your business enterprise.Why Consider Office CleaningAny establishment is like the second home for...Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Effective Office Building Maintenance

Maintenance is a necessity for each building, office and home so that it remains fit and so that preventive measures can be taken before time. Building maintenance services, janitorial cleaning services,office cleaning services and so on are indispensable pieces of every office. In order to guarantee that all these services are performed immaculately on the desired space, you must devise...Continue reading

Why a Clean Office Is Important for Your Employees

Employee productivity has always been a concern for most of the companies. Sometimes, the productivity received from employees varies, that's why to keep the employee motivated and perform better, companies offer various performance incentives and other benefits. What these companies do not seem to realize is that keeping your office clean and tidy is the best way to maintain the...Continue reading

Why Cleaning Your Doors Is Important

Doors are the most frequently touched items. Whenever someone wants to enter or exit a building, they have to open and close the doors. It is very obvious that the doors will get dirty. If they are dark in color, they will not appear dirty, but the dirt will be there. Doors knobs are prone to accumulating tons of dangerous viruses and bacteria. To avoid this, it is essential that doors...Continue reading