A Useful Guide to Keep a Clean and Healthy Workplace

Your office is a second home for your employees, where they spend a substantial part of their time. The way an office space is maintained contributes a great deal to the quality of work performed as well as to the overall productivity of your business. Investing in a commercial office cleaning service will help you achieve your business goals through comprehensive and customized office...Continue reading

Tips to Follow for Reducing Cross Contamination In Your Healthcare Facility

Cross contamination is a common problem in many offices. A health facility is a perfect playground for germs, viruses, and bacteria to thrive. In order to prevent cross-contamination, the commercial janitorial service you choose must do everything they can to provide the deepest cleaning on all levels. In addition to their efforts, you must also chip in.Schedule Deep Cleanings on a...Continue reading

6 Facts About Restroom Germ Myths - Infographic

There are many beliefs regarding restroom germs and bacteria. But all those beliefs are not genuine. Here's a list of all those facts that will let you know which of these beliefs are genuine and which are just myths.Share this Image On Your SitePlease include attribution to www.momentumjanitorial.com with this graphic.