Simple Steps to Keep Your Office Green and Clean

Going green was once thought of as an innovative business practice. Now, it’s the expectation; but many businesses are not exactly aware of where to start implementing green ideas.Here is a simple guide to getting started on making your office a little greener:Adopt Renewable Energy Green power sources like solar and wind energy are more accessible than ever, with alternatives including...Continue reading

6 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Clean Forever

If you have carpeted flooring in your home, you're probably also aware how quickly it can get dingy and dirty. Your carpet flooring's longevity depends a lot on the cleaning methods that you apply on a daily basis which would require doing a lot more than just keeping it looking at its best. Here are some of the ways to help your carpet look clean for a long time:Put doormats near every...Continue reading

Why Schools Should Go for Green Cleaning

Everyday almost 60 million students and staff attend schools representing 20 percent of America's overall population. Keeping the schools clean and reducing air pollutants is critical for protecting them from exposure to harmful substances. A green cleaning program will help the students and staff stay healthy. A green school environment is helpful in improving children's learning and...Continue reading

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Post Construction Cleaning

It's a common scenario in the construction industry to see the hustle and bustle while the work is going on. Whether it's a new construction or an addition or renovation, it will require some amount of demolition as well. Once the construction project is over, a large amount of debris gets piled up. It becomes very messy, so it's important to clean up before people start moving in.Most...Continue reading