5 Reasons to Keep Your Server Rooms Spotlessly Clean

The server room is a critical environment in every business. Customers and employees rely on a server room’s performance around the clock. It is obvious to keep your server room spotlessly clean and well-maintained for maximum efficiency. Otherwise, debris and dust can damage your server room hardware. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to schedule cleaning services for your server room.

Here are five reasons that will let you know the importance of keeping your server room spotlessly clean.

  • Frequent Cleaning Reduces Downtime

    Businesses can experience lengthy downtimes and delays when machines cannot cool efficiently or need to be replaced. Downtimes can be costly for a business as it may bring down productivity and revenue, and might need expensive repairs. However, scheduling regular cleanings with a cleaning company can reduce the downtime. Regular cleaning helps in removing dust and debris. It also improves the equipment’s efficiency, lifecycle, and performance.

  • Unclean Environment Attracts Rodents

    Rodents can get into the server rooms. They can bring expensive damage and downtime. The underfloor area can become a highway for mice, rats, and rodents that can carry bacteria and damage the equipment. Hire commercial cleaning services for regularly cleaning the underfloor area. This will remove germs and will help you detect rodent issues before they become problematic.

  • Cleanliness Improves the Life Span of Equipment

    The hardware in your server room runs continuously, with each machine drawing in air to cool internal components. When debris and dust are present in the air, it gets drawn into the machine during the cooling process. The accumulated dust can insulate the machines and reduce natural heat transfer. Dirty server rooms can overheat the equipment and cause expensive damages. Keeping your server room free of dust can improve the performance and longevity of equipment.

  • Dirt and Dust Can Clog the Air Filters

    The air filtration system in your server room continuously filters contaminants, debris, and dust from the air. When the filter becomes clogged, the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) may struggle to cool your server room properly. You need to change the air filters of your server room’s air conditioning systems regularly to maximize the efficiency of cooling.

  • Server Room Cleaning Promotes Workplace Safety

    Server room fire can cause costly damages including data loss, downtime, and equipment loss. Operator error and lack of cleanliness are the major causes of a server room fire. Statically-charged dust can lead to short circuits and overheating is another reason for server room fire. Make sure to keep your server room clean to reduce fire risks.

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