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A Classroom Cleaning Checklist to Keep Germs and Diseases at Bay

June 5, 2019

A classroom is the place where children spend most of their time learning, thinking, and creating new ideas for tomorrow. Providing them a clean, green, and a positive environment should be your primary focus. With a lot of human interaction, classrooms are not just places for learning; it becomes a hot bed for the illness-causing germs and viruses also.

Here is a classroom cleaning checklist to help you keep germs and diseases away:

Vacuum Cleaning

If your classroom floor is covered with rugs, it’s a good idea to vacuum these regularly to keep dust away. Carpets and soft furnishings can easily trap much as four times the dirt and trigger asthma or allergic reactions, so a regular vacuuming schedule is essential to keep away the pollen and rug fibers.

Floor Mopping

If the floor of classrooms is laminated, cleaning with an organic disinfectant is the best solution for keeping germs away. From muddy footprints to shaving of pencils, it needs a deep cleaning.

Clean Desks or Any Shared Spaces

With student’s hands averaging 1,200 aerobic bacteria per square inch, there is a constant need for deep cleaning. Whether it is shared desks, keyboards, or the door knobs, they contain more germs than a toilet seat. Disinfecting shared space at the end of the day is more important than any place.


Dusting bookshelves and less used space is also important. Since we do not use these places regularly, they are neglected while cleaning. Dusting is a must. Otherwise, it can become a home for dirt and germs.

Clean Out Trash Cans

Do not wait for it to overflow. You must clean it every day to prevent it from lousy odor and to look awful. You can use a recycle bin in your classroom to give a greener approach.

Sink Cleaning

If your classroom has a sink inside it, you should clean it regularly to prevent it from accumulating germs and grime. Wiping it afterward will also resist mold or mildew buildup.

This checklist can help students, as well as teachers, keep their classrooms clean.

To make things easier, you can hire commercial janitorial services that will help you keep your school clean. Contact us to get a free quote for school cleaning.

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