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7 Day Cleaning Tips for Christmas Party-Ready House

While you are busy preparing the to-do list for your Christmas party, cleaning the house should be your top priority; however, don't regard it as a chore. It's an easily attainable task if you plan for it in an organized manner. You need to divide the cleaning work into tasks to be completed over an entire week preceding the party in small chunks of time, maybe an hour or less each day. This will take away the stress of party preparations from your mind and get your house Christmas ready at just the right time.

Day 1: Preparing a Strategy: On day one, you need to evaluate what exactly is required to be done and then devise a strategy to efficiently accomplish the chores.

Day 2: Cleaning Up the Windows and Entry: The second day of cleaning should be devoted to the dirty work, that is, cleaning up the windows and the entrance. This would need plenty of mopping, but with a singular focus on this task, you can wrap it up in an hour's time.

Day 3: Cleaning the Bathrooms: Diligent cleaning of your bathroom and the powder room to make them sparkling clean will leave a good impression in the mind of your guests. An early clean-up will ensure that these places only need a quick refresh on the party day.

Day 4: Decluttering the Guest Areas: Half-way through the cleaning week, it time to ensure that your guests have plenty of space to mingle on that day. You can draft laundry baskets that would serve the purpose of organizing tools. You can label a basket for each of your family members. While cleaning up the clutter in your living spaces, you can drop the items into owner's basket and ask each family member to put away items in their own baskets.

Day 5: Getting the Kitchen Party-Ready: This is one section of your house that needs to be kept in tip-top shape for the occasion. Make sure everything is ready when the time comes to prepare and serve food for the party.

Day 6: Polishing Up Party Spaces: As the day approaches, your attention should shift to polishing up those spaces where your guests will be present most of the time during the party. You should see your cleaning effort as an opportunity for ensuring that the party area reflects the true ambiance that you would like to present to your guests.

Day 7: Doing Touch-Ups: A few touch-up tasks will always be there waiting to be wrapped up before your guests arrive. Go through your cleaning checklist one last time and get your home perfectly ready to host a memorable Christmas party for your guests.