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6 Tips to Enhance Your Health Facility's HCAHPS Score

August 2, 2017

Medical facility quality and patient satisfaction scores and performance metrics, like the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS), have been prompting healthcare facilities to discover means for improving their ratings. HCAHPS include a few questionnaires particularly targeting facility cleanliness, because cleanliness is regarded as a symbol of safety and quality by your patients. As a medical facility manager, you may wish to score perfectly in this domain because higher the satisfaction level, greater is the prospect of retention rates and remuneration for your practice.

Having a robust and strategic plan in place, ensures that your HCAHPS scores are achieved, and most essentially, you meet both your client's and the patient's expectations.

Here are 6 strategies that your health facility can use to enhance HCAHPS score:

  • Your patient’s will give utmost significance to cleanliness, as it renders them a feeling of safety about their environment. In order to encourage patient satisfaction as well as minimize the spread of health-services related infections you can develop cleanliness standards that can be regularly assessed.
  • Your hospital's exterior is also extremely essential to patients, so make it a precedence to hire a good landscaping team that provides and applies strategic and ingenious tips for imparting a positive impression to your hospital. Also, ensure that every signage guiding patients to the precise location is always clear, new and in proper condition.
  • You must always be well aware about your patient's feelings towards your medical services. It is crucial that you and your team are on the same plane in terms of their exact specific roles. You must be open about communicating and discussing HCAHPS ratings at every staff meeting. Through your persistent communication, your team members will become more responsible by being completely aware about their game changing contribution, in boosting the HCAHPS score.
  • It has been suggested by some you should devise a strategy for proactive and direct communication with your patients and visitors. This will help you to assess whether your patients are content with their stay in your hospital. You and your team's efforts will be witnessed and valued by your patients and visitors.
  • Your health facility must consciously promote ways to constantly check noise levels in the premises. Undesired sound and an extremely noisy environment can make your patients stressful and anxious, particularly at night. Appoint people to monitor the noise level and also devise simple ways to quick-fix the noise issues. This measure can have a big impact on your HCAHPS scores.
  • You should strive for effective communication with patients and co-workers in all your regular interactions. This can be achieved by propagating and following the AIDET principle in your health care facility. AIDET stands for- Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation and Thank You.

Your HCAHPS ratings can have a considerable impact on your health facility, so improving your score is worth the attempt.

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