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5 Tips to Zone Cleaning in Your Office Space

Zone cleaning is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to clean a large office or work area. By dividing the office space into zones or quadrants, you can work each one individually giving it the deep cleaning it needs.

Here are 5 good tips to help you to perform zone cleaning in your office:

  1. Gather All of Your Supplies Always make sure your supply cart has everything you need before you start to clean. This eliminates wasted time and puts your supplies in easy reach. You should be able to fill your cart with everything you need to clean at least one zone at a time.
  2. Know Your Schedule and Your Route Zone-style, commercial office cleaning divides up the workspace into zones that are cleaned on a schedule. Know your schedule and which area is to be cleaned on which day. This allows you to gather the supplies you need for that area so you don't have to stop halfway through and grab something you missed.
  3. Dust from High to Low After you've picked up any clutter, the next step is to dust and wipe down the surfaces in the area. Always work from high to low so the dust and other particles don't continue to fall on areas you've already worked on.
  4. Sweep/Vacuum Thoroughly Thoroughly sweep and vacuum the floors. Use the crevice tool to get under furniture and into hard to reach areas where dust can accumulate. Sweep and move any area rugs that may be present. Go over high traffic areas several times and vacuum in several different directions to pull up the knap of the carpet.
  5. Take Care of the Trash Empty all of the trash cans and replace the liners. You may want to wipe down the inside and spray with a disinfectant spray to deodorize each one.

Step by step zone, commercial office cleaning is a great way to keep your office clean and ensures that each area is deep cleaned on a regular basis.