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5 Attributes of a Janitorial Services Company to Consider Before Hiring One

February 20, 2018

You need to do some quality research before you choose a perfect janitorial services company for your facility. A clean and overall better hygiene not only provides for a healthy and positive working environment, but also reflects an organized and professional image of your facility, office, retail store, or building.

Therefore, in order to be sure that the commercial cleaning company you are hiring will deliver on their promises or not, there are specific things you should look for during the decision-making process of securing the right janitorial service company for your facility.

We are discussing the top 5 here:

  1. Verify their reputation through references: Checking out the reputation of the right janitorial company through references should be your most essential task before hiring them. You can check out their social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to ascertain references from their previous customers in addition to checking references in their industry. Ask them to provide more than three industry specific references and that would be helpful.
  2. Check out if they are flexible enough to customize for your specific needs: A janitorial service company that is not willing to customize to your facility’s specific needs is not the right fit. A quality janitorial service company will not just customize to your specific needs, but will also find ways to maximize efficiency to benefit your facility. They need to put extra time and effort towards when and where their services are most needed; like identifying certain occasions when more cleaning services would be needed, as well as a problem solving system where needed.
  3. They need to be credible and experts in the field: Make sure that the company you will be potentially working with possesses sound experience in cleaning what you need them to clean. Experienced companies will know better ways to clean things. Not all cleaning regimens are interchangeable, be it outdoor or indoor, so asking what the janitorial company specializes in is important because hiring an expert in the field to your satisfaction is crucial.
  4. Hold the best value for quality of service: You need a respectable janitorial service company to work for you, not the cheapest. Therefore, the provider you are hiring should not examine just the symmetric, rather shall focus on value. Value of doing things right the first time itself is important, so that it does not end costing more. They should also use a more human aspect and go to the location to see what needs to be done to serve the client efficiently. Furthermore, a company that provides in-house training for their new staff to ensure quality cleaning of your facility makes the facility director’s job easier.
  5. Should be well-equipped and respectful towards their employees: A great janitorial services company will keep all its employees safe and happy, as well as respect them. It will zero in on buying advanced equipment to make the janitor’s job easy and will maintain all its equipment at its own costs to guarantee that your facility is well serviced. If the company you are hiring doesn’t respect its employees and treat them well, while paying them fairly, it will be reflected in the services you receive.

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